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Thanksgiving Leaves Card


It’s Happy Thanksgiving! Send this personalised Thanksgiving card to greet your family and friends!

To get started, gather all the supplies needed and download the files here and unzip.

Supplies needed:

1. Carrier mat with low tack adhesive.

2. 2 sheets of A4 white or cream card approx weight of 250 gsm to 280 gsm.

3. 1 sheet of brown card A4 or 12″ x 12″, any weight is suitable.

4. Glue.

5. Pens, one dark brown and one orange/brown. The lighter one must be water-soluble.

6. Brush.

7. Water.

What to do.

1. Start SignCut Draw. Open and locate the downloaded files. Select the file named thanksgiving leaves.scd.

Click on the bottom icon to send to SignCut.

2. Make sure that Whole Area is set so that the different parts cut in the correct position relative to each other.

3. Place one of the A4 250 gsm to 280 gsm on the carrier mat. Click on the scissors icon and make sure that the Position after cutting is set to Go back to beginning otherwise you will not be able to line up the different parts of the design.

For the same reason, you must not remove the media or carrier mat from the machine until all the cutting and drawing on this piece of card is done.

4. Click on the red box to choose the writing. You will also know that you have Whole Area chosen because the writing will remain in the same position in the SignCut window. If you had optimized chosen then the word would fill the window. Use the dark brown pen to draw the word.

5. Click on the orange box to choose the leaves. Use the orange/brown pen to draw the word.

6. If your pen is very fine you may want to choose to use more than one pass. Click on the scissors icon to open the Cut Out window and set the number of passes before cutting out.

7. Click the green box to cut the leaf design in a rectangle.

8. Place the brown card on the carrier mat and click on the grey box to cut the border.

Painting and assembling the design

9. You will have three pieces, the A4 sheet for the card base, the brown border and the drawn leaf design.

10. To “paint” the leaf design you will need either a brush and water or a water brush, both will work equally well.

11. Wet the card on the inside of each leaf going just up to the edge of the leaf, don’t go over the line or the colour will bleed into the rest of the card. It is not necessary for every bit of the leaves to be wet.

12. Continue until all the leaves are “painted”. Allow to dry.

13. Take the other sheet of A4 card and fold in half to from the base.

14. Stick the brown rectangle to the card base.

15. Stick the card with the leaves in the centre of the brown rectangle.

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