SignCut Draw Features - The SignCut Suite

Layout Design Software

SignCut Draw covers all your vector design requirements. Its advanced features provide efficient and easy design tools allowing customers to create designs faster than ever before.

Import and export format support

With support for both import and export of AI, EPS and SVG files, SignCut Draw is very useful for both its range of vector tools and as a complement to the designs software your customers use today.

Incredible features

It includes all basic drawing features, colour separation, three different kinds of vectorisation, text tool, node editing, quick export to SignCut for cutting and many more features.


The only designer tool you’ll ever need!

SignCut Draw offers a variety of powerful tools and features to create from scratch, edit, and enhance vector graphics.


75,000+ SignCut Draw Clip Arts for free!

SignCut DRAW offers a vast archive of 75,000 commonly-used clip arts to easily create vector art or to simply add more flare to your designs.


The vectorisation tool makes it is easier than ever before to convert raster images (built by dots) into vector images (built by contour lines) needed for your machine to be able to cut the image.

Freehand Drawing

The freehand drawing tool together with SignCut Draw’s unique zoom feature allows you to draw your shapes freely or easily freehand draw a low-resolution bitmap.

Import and Export Options

Import vector formats such as AI, EPS, PS, PDF, DXF, PLT, SVG and SVGZ formats. As well as exporting of AI, EPS, SVG, DXF and SignCut Draw’s own SCD formats. Send files easily from SCD to SignCut Pro with a single click!


With a single click, welding allows you to weld overlapping objects together so the object can be cut out without destroying the material when cutting overlapping shapes and scripted fonts.

Text Tool

Use any downloaded and installed fonts in Windows. Change fonts, resize, reshape, bend and arc texts. Enter the text size or specify an area to resize the text.

Alignment and Guideline Tools

Lets you align single or multiple objects within a selection. Create guidelines vertically and horizontally or define a specific angle for better alignment.

Effects Tool

Find powerful tools such us Contour for shadow effects, Punch with overlap and gap, Fill and Bend for text, shapes and other objects, Rhinestool allows you to add rhinestones and create Hatchlines for engraving.


Do things easier and smoother around SCD by learning shortcut functions. Move selected objects with arrow keys, gear in and out the step lengths with keys 1-0, zoom in and out by spacebar taps and so much more.

Node Editing

Activate this tool when you want to edit an object. It features a preview of the original shape in the background as a reference. This also allows you to sharpen or smoothen lines, reduce or break nodes apart.

Single and Multi-Contours

Allows you to add contour for up to 3 layers at the same time (shadow effects). You can place the contours inside or outside an object and decrease and increase the distance of each contour.

Clipart Library

Allows you to build your own clipart library from your cutting files. Organize and specify your favourite folder/s as well as browse other folders. Drag and drop your design from the preview to the work area!

Shape Tools

Create standard shapes: round, cornered, scalloped and ordinary rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars and arrows. It has a QR-code generator specifically adapted for vinyl cutting.

Frequenly Asked Questions

Your questions, answered!

Do I have to pay for SignCut DRAW?

No. SignCut DRAW is a free layout design of Pro 2. Once SignCut Pro 2 has been installed, DRAW will be download automatically.

Does SignCut DRAW compatible with both Windows and Mac?

SignCut DRAW is only compatible with Windows. If you are a Mac user, you can download and install another design program that is compatible with SignCut such as Corel DRAW, Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

What are SignCut Draw's supported file-types?

SignCut Draw's supported file-types are as follows: AI, EPS, PS, PDF, SCD, DXF, PLT, SVG and SVGZ