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SignCut Draw

SignCut DRAW sets the new standards for sign making, offering the most sophisticated tools. Designing for vinyl cutting has never been easier! The sky is the limit!

Check out SCD’s features below!

the sky is the limit!


SignCut Draw offers a variety of powerful tools and features to create from scratch,
edit and enhance vector graphics.


The vectorization tool makes it is easier than ever before to convert raster images (build by dots) into vector images (built by contour lines) needed for your machine to be able to cut the image.

Text Tool

Use any downloaded and installed fonts in Windows. Change fonts, resize, reshape, bend and arc texts. Enter the text size or specify an area to resize the text by dragging a rectangle that defines the area.

Freehand drawing

The freehand drawing tool together with SignCut Draw’s unique zoom feature allows you to draw your own shapes freely or easily freehand draw a low-resolution bitmap.

Node Editing

Activate this tool when you want to edit an object. It features a preview of the original shape in the background as reference. This also allows you to sharpen/smoothen lines, reduce or break nodes apart.


With a single click, allows you to weld overlapping objects together so it can be cut out without destroying the material when cutting overlapping shapes and/or scripted fonts. 

Align and Guideline Tools

Lets you align single or multiple objects within a selection or within a defined sign size. Create guidelines vertically and horizontally or define a specific angle for better alignment.

Effects tools

Find powerful tools such us Contour for shadow effects, Punch with overlap and gap, Fill and Bend for text, shapes and other objects, Rhinestool allows you to add rhinestones and create Hatchlines for engraving.


Do things easier and smoother around SCD by learning shortcut functions. Move selected objects with arrow keys, gear in and out the step lengths with keys 1-0, zoom in and out by spacebar taps and so much more.

Import/Export Options

Import vector formats such as AI, EPS, PS, PDF, DXF, PLT, SVG and SVGZ formats. As well as export AI, EPS, SVG DXF and SignCut Draw’s own SCD format. Send files easily from SCD to SignCut Pro with a single click!

Single/Multiple Contours

Allows you to add contour for up to 3 layers at the same time (shadow effects). You can place the contours inside or outside an object and decrease and increase the distance of each contour.

Shape Tool

Create standard shapes: round, cornered, scalloped and ordinary rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars and arrows. It has a QR-code generator specifically adapted for vinyl cutting.

Clipart Library

Allows you to build your own clipart library from your cutting files. Organize and specify your favourite folder/s as well as browse other folders. Drag and drop your design from the preview to the work area!

Vectorisation made easier!

SignCut Draw’s vectorization process is quick and easy to use. It gives you a flawless result and
helps you turn the most difficult black and white or coloured raster images like JPEGs, GIFs
and PNGs into scalable vector graphics with just a few clicks.

Single or Multiple Coloured 

The vectorization tool “Bitmap to Vector”, can be used for grayscale and coloured images. Use any shape to mask the photo, in this case, an ellipse is used, then auto-detect the colours and/or manually pick colours from the original bitmap.

Outline on Bitmap

Use “Create Outline on Bitmap” to make contour lines surrounding the edges of the bitmap objects. Set the appropriate outline distance for contour cutting to get a suggestion in the form of dashed paths. Double click the paths you want to keep, or interactively freehand draw parts of the paths. 


Photo Line Raster

The “Create Line Raster from Bitmap” converts images that can be cut out in any size. It becomes easy to weed as all stripes to peel off are joined with a surrounding frame.  You can even create dashed lines for laser engraving or paths for regular engraving. 


freehand drawing

The drawing tool offers outstanding abilities. Instead of using automated vectorisation, when the bitmap has the lowest quality, make a “bluecopy” of it with the help of the drawing tools. Point out and click once for straight lines, double click for curves and notice, the curve will be zoomed in automatically, enabling accuracy. Fine tune it by using the arrow keys. Undo with the use of the backspace key, pause drawing with the enter key. Continue drawing by clicking one of thend nodes in an open path. Or draw with mouse clicks, measurements and angles. Add guidelines on the fly with ALT click, copy by pointing out and clicking the locations for additional guidelinesuse shortcuts for various types.

Or use the appreciated freehand draw mode.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Creating a Rhinestone Template for a T-shirt.

SignCut Pro 2 is the latest vinyl cutting software designed, developed and maintained in Sweden.