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SignCut Pro 2 Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 2022


These terms and conditions shall apply to all purchases made through Whisqu Asia Co., Limited and will exclude the application of any deviating general or specific conditions or terms of the buyer. No waiver or modification of these terms and conditions shall be binding upon Whisqu Asia Co., Limited, unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of Whisqu Asia Co., Limited.

By ordering from our webshop, you agree to this Terms and Conditions.

To order you must be over 18 years old and above. An order placed without permission from a guardian will be void.

An order made in another name without their warrant or, that in one way or another, causing Whisqu Asia Co., Limited economic damage will be reported to the authorities.

The information on this website may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or current. We reserve the right to correct those errors or inaccuracies; omit, change or update information at any time without prior notice. Whisqu Asia Co., Limited shall have the right to, at our sole discretion, refuse or cancel any orders placed for that item.

Please note that such errors, inaccuracies or omissions may relate to product description/s, pricing and availability. In the event of an item being listed with an incorrect price due to an error in pricing or product information, we reserve the right to cancel your order.


Purchasing of subscriptions are done in-app where 3 subscription options are available with varying prices depending on their cutting width and number of computers that will use the program.

Since SignCut Pro 2 relies on a hardware-detection system and assigns an ID per user, renewal purchases are credited automatically and directly to the accounts (computer) where the purchase was made. In the event that such purchases were not reflected on the user’s Pro 2 account, instructions for revalidation are available here.

Generally, all subscriptions, paid or claimed through a code, shall continuously run regardless if the user is actively using the program or not. Therefore, cancellation requests only apply to recurring payments and do not, in any way, affect ongoing SignCut Pro 2 subscriptions.

Transfer and Sharing

In addition, Standard and Premium edition subscribers shall enjoy the privilege of sharing subscriptions between 2 computers and up to 4 computers respectively. Subscription sharing is referred to as “linking computers” and shall be facilitated through a master account. Note that all succeeding accounts linked to the master (primary and paid) account are considered to have been done with the paying user’s consent and shall follow the same expiration date as indicated on the primary computer.

SignCut Pro 2 has three (3) different versions that can share subscriptions on multiple computers as seen below.

  • Student and Home = 1 computer
  • Standard = 2 computers
  • Premium = 4 computers

To use SignCut Pro 2 on multiple computers, it is required to create a Master Account to manage your primary, secondary and tertiary computers under one paid subscription. You may read more about Master Account here.

Once you have created your Master Account, you may then link the other computers to the master account. Read more about it here.

SignCut Pro 2 Student and Home, and Standard version has a material size limitation in width. The limitation are as follows:

  • Student and Home = Cutting width 18” (~46cm), no cutting length limit
  • Standard = Cutting width 48” (~122cm), no cutting length limit
  • Premium = No cutting width and length limits

SignCut Spooler is only included when you subscribe to SignCut Pro 2 Premium version. It is a separate application installed and used in conjunction with SignCut Pro 2 for managing multiple cutting plotters in one computer.

To date, SignCut Draw, the suite’s homegrown design software, is only compatible with Windows. However, unlike the SignCut Spooler, it is available for use regardless of the edition you are subscribed to.

All products shown in our webshop are VAT excluded.

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for local VAT rules and agreements that apply to your location. If you are unsure, please consult your accountant.

Purchasing of subscription and subscription extension are done within the software. (See Section 2)

Payment options are the following:

  • Via PayPal. You can choose to check out and pay through your PayPal account.
  • By Credit/Debit Card. You can choose to check out as a guest and pay using your credit/debit card.
  • Bank Transfer. If you are unable to make payment/s through PayPal or by credit/debit card, please send us a request to order at with the following details:
    - Company Name/Contact Person
    - Street Address
    - Zip Code
    - City
    - Country
    - VAT Number (for companies inside EU only)
    - Phone Number
    - License number and the product that you wish to purchase

    Please notice that the estimated time for bank transfer may take 2-3 working days. Your product will be delivered as soon as your payment is registered on our bank account. For faster transactions, we recommend you to use PayPal.

  • PayPal eCheque. eCheques are payments from buyers who have attached their bank details to their PayPal account but do not have a valid backup funding source such as credit or debit card. It may also be that their backup card has expired. To ensure secure payment can be made, an eCheque is generated. Sending an eCheque is like sending someone a paper cheque, only that it is done electronically. And since it is processed by PayPal, the payment is protected and the sender and the recipient do not need to share financial details. The best way to help avoid sending eCheques is to ensure that you have a valid debit or credit card attached to your PayPal account. For more information please visit PayPal.

    Notice: It will take about 5-9 working days for an eCheque to clear, therefore we don’t recommend this method for urgent needs. This is because we do not deliver the full order before the payment clears. If you contact our agents at , you may be granted a courtesy extension (subject for approval) while the eCheque is on its clearing period.

    If your payment bounces back, you have to make a new purchase or contact your bank or PayPal.

When the purchase is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal. If you need a receipt, it can be printed out from your Master Account.

If you have not created a Master Account yet, you may visit this link.

In special cases where the receipt is not visible in your master account, you may request assistance from our support agents through an email sent to . Please note that some validating questions will be asked to confirm the payor’s identity and this will be used to supply the information needed to generate a receipt.

Extensions for SignCut Pro 2 are normally delivered directly after the purchase but it may take a while for the systems to update. If the extension is not added, click Re-validate Account on the Account menu of the software. We consider the product delivered next time the software validates the account and updates the subscription.

Notice: When subscribing to SignCut Pro 2, an internet connection is required at all times for the software to work.

In case of payment dispute/s raised via PayPal, your account and subscription will be put on hold. You will be notified of its verdict through the same platform as soon as the request is reviewed. Depending on the degree of dispute, feedback can be provided within 24 hours and up to 48 hours, at the latest.

To request a refund, please contact us at .

We reserve the right to reject/decline a refund request when:

  • Your purchase is completed and no objection has been made within 5 days from the date of purchase.
  • If you refuse to troubleshoot with our support.
  • You were previously granted a refund on the same SignCut Pro 2 account, same signCut Pro 2 registered email address or same e-mail address associated with the payment.
  • A refund process was initiated but no response was received within the 5-day refund period as stated in the preceding condition or if contact was made on the 5th day but no response was received after 2 days, then it is considered a deliberate subscription approval.

Please note that all approved refunds excludes PayPal admin fee effective Oct 26, 2022.

If you are about to sell or delegate your business, the current owner must contact us so we can re-register the account to the new company and link a contact person as reference to make the technical support easier in the future.

When ordering a product/service, you will be asked to fill in your personal information.

Check out our Privacy Policy page.

Pursuant to our End-User License Agreement, all supplements or third-party features are governed by the same agreement as our software unless other terms accompany those items on delivery. In this case, all SignCut BoxMaker templates and clip-arts generated from SignCut Pro 2 follow a standard do’s and don’ts to guide the users in lawfully using them. To wit,


  • Use the Licensed Asset for commercial purposes under the "Commercial" and "Extended Commercial" licenses.
  • Use the asset for non-commercial, personal activities with all three license types.


  • Resell or sub-license the Licensed Asset in a way that is directly competitive with it.
  • Resell any modification of the asset on its own.
  • Make the asset public or share the asset in any that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute it as a stand-alone file.
  • Use the Licensed Asset in pornographic, fraudulent, immoral, unfringing, illegal, harassing, offensive, or defamatory material.
  • Falsely represent authorship and/or ownership of Licensed Asset.
  • Allow anyone other than the Licensee to customize a digital or physical end product, whether for commercial or non-commercial use. This includes, but is not limited to, "print on demand", "made to order" or "download on demand" applications.
  • Any other use that is not expressly permitted in the license terms is strictly prohibited.

SignCut Pro 2 is, by default, fully rendered in English. Other supported languages such as Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, are partially translated.