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Thanksgiving Candle Holder


When the sun goes down, the light doesn’t have to go out.

Learn how to make this handmade leaves used to design a candle holder for Thanksgiving.

To get started, gather all the supplies needed and download the files here and unzip.

Supplies needed:

1. Low tack adhesive mat.

2. 45-degree blade.

3. Glass jar, bowl or cup.

4. Candle.

5. Vellum/parchment. We used 100 gsm so that it was not too thick for the light to show through.

6. Crayons, pens or paint to colour the vellum.

7. Hot glue gun.

6. Knife.

What to do.

1. Start SignCut Draw. Open and locate the downloaded files. Select the file named leaves with holes.scd.

The black lines are for cutting, the red for drawing with a pen if your cutter allows that. If it doesn’t you can just draw some veins on the leaves afterwards.

Click the SignCut cutter icon on the left-hand side panel to send the design to SignCut Pro.

2. Once in SignCut make sure that the Whole/Optimised option is set to Whole otherwise the veins on the leaves will not be in the right place.

3. If the veins on one of the leaves to green you will be able to see more clearly the difference between the two options.

Whole Area. With the Whole Area option set, the veins will be drawn in relation to the rest of the design which includes all the colours. You can tell that you have this option set because there will be space around the image in SignCut.

The icon has an arrow pointing upwards. 

Optimised. With the Optimised option set, the veins will draw wherever you set the origin. No account will be taken of the other colours in the design. You can tell that you have Optimised option set because the image fills the SignCut screen.

The icon has the arrow pointing downwards. 

4. Returning to the original file, click on the scissors icon to bring up the Cut Out window.

5. Look for the option Position after cutting. Set it to Go back to beginning.

If you don’t use this option then once your veins are drawn the carrier mat will not return to its start point and you will not be able to line up for the cutting of the leaves.

For the same reason do not remove the carrier mat or media from the machine in between the drawing and cutting each sheet.

6. Click on the red colour box to draw the veins of the leaves (a). Then click the scissors to draw them (b).

7. Once the veins are drawn you are ready to cut out the leaves, click on the black colour box to select the leaves (a) and then click on the scissors to cut them (b). It is recommended keeping the speed to 300 or less as vellum can be brittle and rip easily.

8. So now you have your candle holder and your leaves. We have cut two pages of leaves. You may need more or less depending on the size of your candle holder.

Painting the leaves

9. If you look at the colours of autumn leaves they are everything from red through brown to orange, yellow and green. So you want your leaves to reflect this rather than being just one colour.

You can use whatever method of colouring you like. We started with watercolour crayons. Be aware that the vellum will curl when it is wet. But don’t worry because it will be sorted out later.

10. And here are the finished leaves, a bit scary because they are all curled up!

But they can be flattened quite a bit just using your fingers, and then put a heavy book on top of them and leave them for a few hours or overnight.

Gluing the leaves

11. The next stage is to glue each leaf to the glass. I chose to run the hot glue down the vein lines and some around the outside too.

12. Press the leaf against the glass whiles the glue is still hot. Don’t worry about the glue showing through the leaf, it will just add to the effect of age and decay on the leaf.

13. As you add the leaves you will see that there are some pieces that donät lie flat to the glass. Just lift them up and put a little glue under them.

Occasionally there will be lumps of glue that have spread out from under the leaf. These need cleaning up. The easiest way to cut them away with a knife.

14. Take the knife and run it along the side of the leaf.

15. You may need to do it a second time depending on how thick the glue is. Once separated from the leaf the glue will just lift off the glass.

16. If the glue is on both edges of the leaf then repeat on the other side until the leaf is clean and neat.

17. As you placed your leaves on the glass some will probably have overlapped the bottom edge. Just take a pair of scissors and trim the excess vellum away.

18. Place a candle in the centre of the glass and light it. When the levels of light in the room are low the colours will be vibrant and the leaves will cast lovely patterns on the walls.

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