SignCut Pro 2 Features - The SignCut Suite

Our capabilities are more than just sign-making

SignCut Pro 2 is highly up-to-date and designed to adapt to the latest operating systems for both Mac and Windows.


Introducing the SignCut BoxMaker!

SignCut's newest feature! Jump in directly to SignCut Pro 2 by choosing a BoxMaker shape, edit its dimension then load and send it to your cutting plotter for a no-frills packaging creation!

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“An ever-increasing number of people became aware of SignCut’s exceptional qualities, shown by an incredible growth of subscribers.”

Choose the subscription that is right for you.

Compare subscription prices on monthly and yearly basis with recurring and non-recurring payments.

Student and Home
  • 1 computer only
  • Up to 18" (46 cm/460mm) cutting width
  • Includes SignCut Draw
  • Shareable to 2 computers
  • Up to 48″ (122 cm/1 220 mm) cutting width
  • Includes SignCut Draw
  • Shareable to 4 computers
  • No cutting limitations
  • Includes SignCut Draw and SignCut Spooler
Student and Home
  • 1 computer transfer
  • Up to 18" (46 cm/460mm) cutting width
  • Includes SignCut Draw
  • Up to 2 computer transfers
  • Up to 48″ (122 cm/1 220 mm) cutting width
  • Includes SignCut Draw
  • Up to 4 computer transfers
  • No cutting limitations
  • Includes SignCut Draw and SignCut Spooler

For payments and subscription concerns, please contact us immediately within 3 days from the date of purchase by submitting a ticket or via live chat.

Frequenly Asked Questions

Your questions, answered!

About SignCut Pro 2 features, pricing and subscriptions, accounts and billing, etc.

Recurring payment or sometimes also known as “Auto Pay” automatically charges/debits your credit/debit card in the amount due each month.

While the non-recurring payment charges you only once for that period of time. You will only be charged when you choose to continue with the subscription after it has expired.
With SignCut Pro 2, buying/extending of subscription can be done through the software.

Open SignCut Pro 2 > On the Account menu click My Account. On the left side of the window that appears, click Subscribe. From there, you can choose which subscription you need to buy/extend.
Definitely, you can. All you need to do is to purchase a one-month subscription of SignCut Pro 2. This purchase is necessary to select which version of SignCut Pro 2 subscription you wish to upgrade to.
Yes, you can contour cut using SignCut. We support multiple contour cutting system. The most common contour cutting is by using 4 registration marks both with and without a laser. But also, Summa contour cutting with and without die cut/perf cut. Roland with and without die cut/perf cut, Graphtec ARMS, GCC contour cut and Saga ARMS.
Yes, we have plugins for the most popular design software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. You can also use our own design software SignCut Draw that is included with SignCut Pro 2 and has a direct export feature. Learn more about SignCut Draw here.
Yes. To get started, you may download it here. Once downloaded, just run the installation, enter your information and your account will be activated and preloaded with three weeks use.
Yes, you can contact us through live chat, support desk and/or email. Our live chat can be found on our website in the bottom right corner.
If you want to upgrade from an older version of SignCut (i.e. Signcut 2002 or SignCut x2), just contact our support and we will assist you. If you are currently using SignCut Pro 1 you may refer to this video.
The Student & Home version of SignCut Pro 2 can only be used on one computer. If you need to transfer your Student & Home subscription to a new computer, please contact our support at INFO@SIGNCUTPRO.COM or visit our live chat to get assistance from one of our support agents. (Our support agent will need your computer alias or the email address used to register for SignCut Pro 2 to complete the transfer)

The Standard version of SignCut Pro 2 can be used on 2 Computers and the Premium, 4 Computers. To add a computer to your subscription, you will need to create a master account on the computer the subscription was purchased on by following the steps in this video tutorial: How to create a master account.

Once your master account has been created, you can follow the steps in the same video tutorial to link or unlink computers to your subscription/account.
You can register the gift code that came with your cutter by opening SignCut Pro 2, then click Help at the top of the screen and select Register Email, Gift code, and Payment details. Click Next then enter the code in the Gift Code field. Once you have entered the code, click Finish then the time will be applied to your account.

If you have not yet installed SignCut Pro 2, you can download the program from our website here.

Click the download button for your operating system (Mac or Windows). No license is needed, just install and activate the trial. You can enter the gift code during the activation process.
To locate your Pro 2 computer alias, open SignCut then click Account then select My Account in the account menu and your SignCut alias will be displayed in the top right corner of the dialogue that opens up.
To download your receipt you need to login to your Master account. If you haven’t created one, click on My Account in the account menu and scroll down and click Create Master Account.

To access your master account click the Account menu in SignCut and then Login to Master account. You will see a section called Receipts where you can download or print out your receipts.

Please notice: If you haven’t added any address information under Account Overview, your receipt will not have your personal details. In that case, edit your personal information before downloading the receipts.
Supported Vinyl Cutters

In general, SignCut Pro 2 supports all models of all brands and manufacturers.

Is your machine missing? Contact us and we will help you out. Click here to view all compatible vinyl cutters.