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Halloween Pumpkin


Learn how to make this instant decoration for Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

These can be fun gifts as well as a cool interior decoration for your own home! Let your imagination run wild, as many of us wanted to make something for Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

To get started, gather all the needed things and download the needed files here and unzip.

What you need.

1. Low track carrier mat.

2. A 60-degree blade is recommended for a heavier weight cardstick.

3. Two (2) sheets of 12″ x 12″ orange paper hues preferably double-sided. Weighs about 200 to 250 grams.

4. One (1) sheet of 12″ x 12″ green paper hue preferably double-sided. Weights about 200 to 250 grams.

5. One sheet of A4 of any colour. Weight approximately about 160 grams.

What to do.

1. Start the SignCut Draw program. Open and locate the downloaded files. Select the file named pumpkin.scd.

Click on the bottom icon on the lefthand toolbar to send the design to SignCut.

2. Once in SignCut make sure that the Whole/Optimised option is set to Optimised (a).

To check this, choose one of the colours located on the right-hand side. For this instance, we chose the green colour (b).

Optimised means that the cutting origin with only the chosen colour being taken into account. The chosen colour will fill the screen as above so you know you have the correct option.

Whole Area means that the origin takes into account all of the colours and not just the one you have chosen to cut. You will see space around the image. This tells you that you have chosen Whole Area.

3. Click on the orange colour box to cut the first set of strips. These are the longer strips and will be the outside strips of the pumpkin once assembled.

4. Click on the red colour box to cut the second set of strips. These are the shorter strips and will be the inside strips of the pumpkin.

5. Click on the green colour box to cut the leaves, tendrils and extras.

6. Click on the black colour box to cut the rectangular sheet.

Assembling the design

7. Gather all the cut pieces and get ready to assembly your pumpkin.

8. Start with the longer set of strips. You will have eight from each sheet. One set will be 295mm long, the other will be 285mm long. The holes are of different sizes.

9. Glue two strips together so that the larger holes are on top of each other and the two strips make a straight line.

10. Repeat with the remaining six strips.

11. Take two of the joined strips and glue together at right angles, again so that the holes are on top of each other. A gridded mat helps a lot with this.

12. Repeat with the other two strips, and then glue each of those together diagonally.

13. Repeat with another set of eight strips.

14. Take both sets of strips and glue together, again keeping the holes above each other. Try to make sure that each set is evenly spaced.

15. Take the piece of card cut from the A4 sheet and start to roll it from one corner.

Continue to roll diagonally until the whole of the sheet is rolled.

16. What you are aiming for is for one end of the roll to be tightly through the large holes that have all been glued together and for the other end to be a little thinner.

17. Once you have that roll the end of the card and glue firmly so that it cannot unroll.

Trim the wider end so that it is not pointed.

18. Take the small rectangular strips and add glue to half of their length.

Stick them to the inside of the bottom of the white roll so that half of their length is left sticking out.

19. Push the bottom end through the holes in the strips so that it is about 1mm out the bottom. Make sure that the longer strips are on the bottom.

Take one of the strips and place over the top end of the roll and push down until the curve created is pleasing to you. Trim off the white roll about 2cm above this point.

20. Turn over and glue the remainder of the green strips to the bottom of the pumpkin. If you feel that the structure is still not sturdy enough use the other two strips as reinforcement.

21. Each of the spirals we cut is actually two. So separate them out and take two of them. Pull them straight and bend and flatten them until they look more natural.

22. Take one end of each of the spirals and glue it into the white roll.

23. The two green shapes also have the holes in them, each matching one end of the strips. The one with the larger hole matches the hole in the bottom of the strips.

24. Take the one with the larger hole and push onto the bottom of the white roll and glue in place.

25. Take one of each of the leaf shapes and glue onto the bottom covering the hole. Note that this is the underneath of the pumpkin so make sure that you have your leaves with the colour you want downwards, not facing upwards.

26. Turn the pumpkin over and push each strip onto the white roll leaving about 2cm of white roll clear at the top. Make sure that the shorter ones go on first and then the longer ones.

You should find that no glue is needed for this as the white roll should be wide enough to hold the strips firmly in place. If it doesn’t, you can either glue them to each other or you can jump ahead and add the green cover to the white roll to make it thicker.

27. Push the other green shape over the top of the white roll and glue down.

28. Take the small green square and roll it up. Place over the white roll and glue in place. This is the green cover that was referred earlier and it can be used to thicken the white roll if it is not already wide enough to hold the strips firmly in place.

29. Glue the other two spirals to the pumpkin, pushing the ends under the green shape.

30. Take the two remaining leaves and glue to the top, again pushing the stems under the green shape. And your pumpkin is finished. Play with the spirals until you are happy that they look like tendrils and then display!

Express Your Creativity!


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