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Christmas Baubles

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No Christmas tree decoration is complete without some Christmas baubles. This personalised decoration is fun and easy to make.

Supplies needed:

1. Carrier mat with low tack adhesive. Or cut without carrier mat if using a larger piece of vinyl.

2. 45-degree blade.

3. Bauble. Your baubles can be a variety of shapes, but you need enough smooth surface to place your wording. Bear in mind the more extreme the curvature of the bauble the harder it will be to place the wording correctly.

4. Vinyl – your choice of colour.

5. Transfer tape.

6. Tweezers or weeding tool.

7. Optional filling for the bauble, we used some soft feathers.

What to do.

1. Open your design file with the names or wording you wish to use in SignCut Pro 2.

We used a bauble of 8 cm in diameter and made our lettering a maximum of 2.5 cm high for both lines combined. A single line could be the full height of 2.5 cm. This height is only a guide though as it will also depend on the font that we choose. Also because of the length of the second line, we have chosen a font where the letters remain individual as it is easier to apply than one where all the letters are welded into one piece.

Make sure that we have the option for Optimised chosen.


2. We want to use two lines of text. If we cut and apply both at the same time, it will be difficult because of the curvature of the bauble. So instead we will cut each line separately.

Click on the colour box to choose the word we want to cut – 1.

Click on the scissors icon to bring up the cut out window – 2.

Put a tick in the Use weeding frame option so that a rectangle is cut around our word and we do not need to remove huge pieces of vinyl when weeding.

We can add weeding lines if you wish but it is not necessary with only one line of small text.

Click on the Cut out button.

3. Repeat with the second line of text.

Assembling the design

4. Take the cut out and weed the excess away. Make sure that any small pieces like the dot of the letter “i” remain on the backing paper.

5. Make sure to remove the centres of the letters.

6. Place transfer tape over the top of the lettering.

7. Peel away the backing paper. I find this easier to turn the vinyl over so the backing paper is on top rather than trying to lift the transfer tape and vinyl from the backing paper.

8. We need to remove the box from around the letters if we did not already do it in the previous step, just use a pair of sharp tweezers to grab the corner of the vinyl and peel it away.

9. Now you have both lines of text on the transfer tape.

10. Time to place on the bauble. Take the transfer tape and position it so that the bottom of the word is just above halfway down the bauble, remember you have a second line of text to add underneath.

11. Start at the centre of the word and smooth down onto the bauble taking care of smooth down each side and then carefully remove the transfer tape.

12. Take the second line of wording and position on the bauble so that it is centred to the top line.

13. With the line of wording being much longer you will probably find it easier to split it into sections, otherwise, as you position the tape around the bauble, the curvature of the bauble will gradually displace the words and they will not be in a straight line anymore.  Start in the center of the wording.

14. Then add one side.

15. And then the other.

16. Remove the transfer tape and gently smooth over the letters to make sure they are firmly stuck down.

17. Your bauble is now complete with regards to the wording, but maybe you would like to make it prettier with something inside the glass. Most baubles have a removable top. Grip the top and pull away gently. You will see two wires that hold it in place. Keep pulling gently and it will come away as the wires pop out of the neck of the bauble.

18. We chose to use some pretty feathers in this bauble. You may also add glitter or beads.

19. Push the feather inside the bauble with a pair of tweezers.

20. Move the feather around until you are happy with its positioning behind the words.

21. Replace the top of the bauble by pushing the two halves by pushing the wires inside the neck and then press the sides of the top together firmly.

22. And you have your finished customised bauble to keep or to give as a treasured gift.

23. Different fonts will give an entirely different look to your bauble.

Or you can even try a different shape bauble.

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