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This bauble box is a great idea for keeping all of your Christmas tree bauble decorations. Simply creative, fun and easy to make!

This box design will fit a round bauble with a diameter of 8 cm. If your box is for an item of a different size, you will need to scale the box accordingly.

The design has fold lines. To make the fold lines, we can either score using a blade set at a low force or we can pounce (perforate) the fold lines.

Supplies needed:

1. Carrier mat with low tack adhesive.

2. 60-degree mat blade.

3. 2 sheets of 12″ x 12″ cardstock. We suggest a minimum weight of 230 gsm.

4. Glue or double-sided tape.

5. Optional small piece of acetate if you wish the window of the box to be covered.

To get started, gather all the supplies needed and download the files here and unzip.

What to do.

1. Open the file bauble box 8cm 1.scpro2 and place a sheet of 12″ x 12″ (305mm x 305mm) card in the cutter.

2. We will start by scoring the fold lines first.

Click on the icon to select Whole Area. We need Whole Area selected so that the fold lines and the cut lines will be positioned correctly in relation to each other.

3. Click on the blue colour button to select the blue lines, there are the fold lines.

4. Click on the scissor icon to bring up the Cut out Window – 1.

Make sure that Position After Cutting is set to “Go back to beginning” – 2. This is necessary so that when we cut the cut lines they are positioned correctly in relation to the fold lines. Score the lines by clicking on the Cut Out button.

Note: We recommend a score force of approximately 10% of the cutting force. However, this will vary from machine to machine so it is best to check before cutting the whole design.

5. Click on the green coloured button to select the green lines, and cut out using the normal cutting force for your machine and media.

6. Place the next sheet of 12″ x 12″ (305mm x 305mm) card in the cutter and open the file bauble box 8cm 2.scpro2. We have the same combination of cut and fold lines as in the previous file except that here, the fold lines are black and cut lines are red.

7. To score the lines click on the black coloured button (1) to select the black fold lines.

Click on the scissors icon (2) to open the cut out window. Make sure that the Position After Cutting is set to Go back to beginning (3) and click cut out.

8. Click on the red coloured button to select the red cut lines. Open the Cut Out Window and cut out.

Assembling the design

9. We have 4 pieces of card to assemble to make the box. And an additional scalloped circle cut from the front of the box.

10. Don’t throw away the piece we cut out to make the window of the box, it makes a matching gift tag if you thread a piece of ribbon or twine through the small circle.

11. Take the piece with the star shape cut out of the centre, turn over and fold up along the three sides with the narrow edges and fold down along the side with the wide edge.

12. Place glue on the two small square tabs and glue to the inside of the two folded upsides. We now have a three-sided tray. The fourth side is not glued to any of the other sides.

13. Take the other square piece. Turnover, fold up all four sides and add glue the four tabs.

14. We now have a four-sided tray which when turned over will allow the bottom of the bauble to rest in the hole without touching the bottom of the box itself.

15. Take the piece with the scalloped circle cut out of it.

16. Turnover the fold up the top and bottom and the right-hand side. If you wish to add acetate to make a window, stick over the scalloped circle with tape.

17. Take the last piece.

18. Turn over and fold up on all the fold lines.

19. Add a line of glue to each side (1 and 2) of what will be the base of the box. To make sure you are glueing the correct area, there are no fold lines on this piece.

Bring the base up and inwards along with the two sides so that the base can be glued to the tabs on the side – 3.

20. This will give you the base, back, sides and top of the box along with the two flaps that will fold inwards over the top of the bauble. The two arrows point at the tabs that were labelled (3) in the previous image, and the base is where the glue lines placed.

21. Take the piece with the scalloped circle cut out and add glue to the square on the left side.

22. Slide into the other part of the box and then downwards onto the base. This both strengthens the base by doubling its thickness and joins the two parts of the box together.

23. Fold in the two side tabs and add glue. Fold up and stick the tabs to the two sides of the box.

24. Take the tray with the circular hole and place in the bottom of the box.

25. Take the other tray and add the glue to the back of the large flap.

26. Slide the tray into the box so that the cutout semi-circle notch in the tray matches with the same semi-circle notch cut out of the box.

27. The box now has an attachment that will hold the top of the bauble in place but which can be lifted up for placing and removing the bauble.

28. Place the bauble in the box.

29. Put the tray over the bauble. The star shape allows for different sizes and shapes of the bauble top.

30. Fold over the two flaps.

31. Close the lid and you have your bauble displayed in its own gift box. And don’t forget to add the gift tag that we made from the scalloped circle cut out.

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