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Autumn Leaf Bowl


Learn how to make your own decorative do-it-yourself autumn leaf bowl with all those lovely handmade autumn leaves!

To get started, gather all the supplies needed and download the files here and unzip.
Supplies needed:

1. Double-sided 12′ x 12″ autumn coloured paper with a maximum weight of 160 gsm. Eight to ten sheets depending on the size of the balloon.

2. PVA glue, dilute with one-quarter of water if the glue is strong.

3. Balloon

4. Tub to hold the glue.

5. Paintbrush

6. Small bucket to hold the balloon.

7. Carrier mat with low tack adhesive.

8. 45-degree blade

What to do.

1. Start SignCut Draw. Open and locate the downloaded files. Select the file named leaves.scd.

Click on the bottom icon on the left-hand toolbar to send the design to SignCut.

2. Click on the scissors icon to cut out the leaves. Repeat with each piece of paper.

Assembling the design

3. Blow up the balloon and tie a knot in the neck.

4. Place plenty of glue on the top of the balloon.

5. Place the first leaf on top of the glue.

6. Cover the leaf with glue.

7. Place another leaf on the balloon partially covering the first.

8. Continue to add layers of the glue and leaves.

9. As you add more leaves and glue it will become increasingly hard to hold the balloon. Place it with the neck side down into a small bucket to free up both hands for working.

10. Continue to add more leaves. Make sure that each one has plenty of glue covering both sides. Also, pay attention to the position of the leaves so that there are no holes left where the balloon shows through. Do not go much above halfway down the balloon or it will become too difficult to remove the balloon once the bowl is dry.

11. Once you have added as many leaves as you want make sure that all of the leaves are liberally coated with glue and allow to dry. Depending on how many layers you have added this will take at least 12 hours.

12. Once the glue is thoroughly dry you will see that it has dried transparent. Now is the time to remove the balloon from inside the bowl. Use a pin and try to let the air out slowly. If you pop the balloon and it implodes with force then the shape of the bowl may be damaged and creased.

13. Once the balloon is empty of air the bowl will be pulled inward at the top. Don’t worry as once the balloon is pulled out the shape of the bowl will return to a hemisphere. There will be excess dried glue than ran down the balloon.

14. Much of this excess glue can be pulled away from the card.

15. Any glue that you canät pull away can be cut away with either scissors or a knife.

15. Your finished bowl will look like it is made from wood veneer. Its sturdiness will depend on how many layers of card you used, but it will need to be treated with care.

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