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We combine contemporary Scandinavian design with Swedish Craftmanship, for your convenience.
World, meet Sleipner a high end multipurpose table. According to the norse mythology Sleipner was an eight legged horse whom belonged to the God Odin. Sleipner was fast, strong and smart.

Just like our mountingtable.

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Whisqu Graphic AB located in Sweden, was first established in 1990 by our CEO Kjell Jansson. Two years later, in 1992 we released the very first edition of SignCut in Sweden. Back then we only had a handful of customers but along the way it spread and today we are one of the leading sign making software companies on a global market and we are still growing, a global market needs a global team so our team is working in Sweden, Hong Kong and the US.



Whisqu Graphic AB Lars Olofs Gatan 3A SE-541 44 Skövde Phone: +46(0)500-435444 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (CET.)