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Advanced Tiling

The tiling feature makes it possible to cut designs that are wider than the width of your cutter. It splits the design into the tiles that you mount back together after cutting. The mounting get easier when this feature is combined with alignment marks.

Available in 20 Languages

Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Georgian, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

Alignment Marks

Alignment marks are used for quicker and more accurate mounting of either multiple coloured designs or large designs which have to be divided into smaller tiles for cutting.

Colour Separation

Your design is automatically separated into colours, allowing you to have all the colours in your design in the same cut file. You can then apply settings such as weeding lines and alignment marks for each colour.

Contour Cutting

You can contour cut any printed graphic. It supports with and without diecut/perfcut for Summa and Roland as well as Graphtec and Saga ARMS, GCC and SkyCut contour cutting.

Step-by-Step Cutting

Prevents slipping of material by prefeeding material out of roll slowly and ensures accurate and safe cutting over long distances. SignCut Pro 2 is the first software to support step-by-step cutting for both length and width.

Object Manager

The object manager gives you the option to control the cutting order in detail. For advanced cutters, further options are controlling the cutting speed, pressure, number of passes, multiple tools, etc.

One Account, Multiple Computers

Choose which of the three subscription options is best suited for your needs, allowing you to install SignCut on up to four computers and use it simultaneously.

Export Plugins

Export your work directly to SignCut Pro 2 with just a single click. Export plugins are included for Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW Inkscape and SignCut Draw.

“An ever-increasing number of people became aware of SignCut’s exceptional qualities, shown by an incredible growth of subscribers.”

Since 1988, SignCut has been continuously being developed with first-class drivers for more than 1,200 cutting plotters by close cooperation with its users to offer unique abilities in saving time and material.

CEO, Whisqu Graphic AB

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to do contour cutting with SignCut?

Yes, you can contour cut using SignCut. We support multiple contour cutting system. The most common contour cutting is by using 4 registration marks both with and without a laser. But also, Summa contour cutting with and without die cut/perf cut. Roland with and without die cut/perf cut, Graphtec ARMS, GCC contour cut and Saga ARMS.


Can I try SignCut Pro 2 for free?

Yes. To get started, you may download it here. Once downloaded, just run the installation, enter your information and your account will be activated and preloaded with three weeks use.


Do you offer any support for your software?

Yes, you can contact us through live chat, support desk and/or email. Our live chat can be found on our website in the bottom right corner.


Do you have any plugins for SignCut Pro 2?

Yes, we have plugins for the most popular design software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. You can also use our own design software SignCut Draw that is included with SignCut Pro 2 and has a direct export feature. Learn more about SignCut Draw here.


Will SignCut Pro 2 work with my operating system?

SignCut works with any Windows, Mac and Linux versions available today and we always make sure that we keep SignCut Pro 2 updated with future operating systems.



How do I upgrade an older version of SignCut to Pro 2?

If you want to upgrade from an older version of SignCut (i.e. Signcut 2002 or SignCut x2), just contact our support and we will assist you. If you are currently using SignCut Pro 1 you may refer to this video.

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