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1 computer / maximum cutting width of 18″ or ~46cm or 460mm
  • $17per mo
  • $54per yr
  • $19per mo
  • $59per yr


2 computers / maximum cutting width of 48″ or ~122cm or 1220mm
  • $22per mo
  • $122per yr
  • $24per mo
  • $136per yr


4 computers / no cutting width limitation
  • $31per mo
  • $289per yr
  • $34per mo
  • $338per yr

For payments and subscription concerns, please contact us immediately within 3 days from the date of purchase by submitting a ticket or via live chat.

SignCut Pro 2 Features

Colour Separation

Different colours in your design are separated according to the vinyl’s different colours. For each colour layer, you can add weeding lines and select suitable registration marks for easier mounting.

Contour Cutting

With SignCut Pro 2 contour cutting, you can contour cut any printed graphic. It supports with and without diecut/perfcut for Summa and Roland as well as Graphtec and Saga ARMS, GCC and SkyCut contour cutting.

Advanced Tiling

When the design is wider than the material width, use the Tiling tool for splitting up the design into suitable tiles. You get both manual and automatic tiling.

Registration Marks

Registration marks are used for mounting of large signs divided into tiles as well as for multiple coloured signs. It makes mounting of signs quicker and more accurate.

Object Manager

With Object Management, the cut out can be controlled in details, define cutting order, cutting speed, cutting pressure, perforated cutting, number of laps and choice of tool for single/multiple objects or colour/s.

Step-by-Step Cutting

Prevents slipping of material by prefeeding material out of roll slowly and ensures accuarte and safe cutting over long distances. SignCut Pro 2 is the first software to support step-by-step cutting for both length and width.
Read more about SignCut Pro 2 features here.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Recurring vs Non-Recurring payments

Recurring payment or sometimes known also as “Auto Pay” automatically charges/debits your credit/debit card in the amount due each month.

While the non-recurring payment charges you only once for that period of time. You will only be charged when you choose to continue with the subscription after it has expired.


Can I upgrade SignCut Pro 1 subscription to SignCut Pro 2?

Definitely, you can. All you need to do is to purchase a one-month subscription of SignCut Pro 2. This purchase is necessary to select which version of SignCut Pro 2 subscription you wish to upgrade to.


How can I buy or extend a subscription?

With SignCut Pro 2, buying/extending of subscription can be done through the software.

Open SignCut Pro 2 > On the Account menu click My Account. On the left side of the window that appears, click Subscribe. From there, you can choose which subscription you need to buy/extend.

SignCut Pro 2 is the latest vinyl cutting software designed, developed and maintained in Sweden.